All This Can Be Yours

It’s Halloween! And it was a fun weekend of parties and dress up. This year bubby and I went as Bob Barker and the Next Contestant on the Price Is Right.

Halloween 2011

Bob Barker

Liam’s suit was the base of his costume.  For the signature skinny microphone, I bought a Dollar Store plastic skull that had a long black stake which I removed and cut to size. I also bought a styrofoam sphere which I jabbed on and pained black.

To grey his hair and eyebrows, we used a combination of talcum powder and hair spray paint like this.

The Next Contestant 

I bought a $2 shirt from Giant Tiger and some iron-on transfers at Staples Business Depot. I downloaded the Pricedown font to design the front logo. The front said “All this can be yours if the Price is Right” which I thought was cheeky. The back read “pick me to Come on Down!”, and I had logos on my sleeves. Of course you could do whatever you’d like, just follow the instructions on the transfer paper package. Note: you need an inkjet printer for this.

The Contestants Row board is just this Ikea frame that I already had and construction paper.  I used a scarf and safety pins to make the sling.

Both the name tags templates were found here. I used the basic Marker font in Word for me and the Pricedown font again for bob.

That’s it your done! An easy cheap couple costume that I think is pretty cute!

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12 thoughts on “All This Can Be Yours

    1. What a cute idea for a work place! I wanna work with you … For sure check out to get ALL the fonts used on the show. The Contestants Row board was easy with the Ikea frame, but I think a similar effect could be achieved with thick cardboard and construction paper. If you are anything like me you will want to lose it half way through the party anyway. Have fun!

  1. Hi…we would also like to use your image in a roundup of couples Halloween costumes on We will, of course, credit you appropriately and link back to your site. Let me know if this is okay. Thanks!

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