Here I made you this {DIY Linen Spray}

Ask your mom and she will tell you that the most treasured Mother’s Day gifts are the ones you made her when you were a kid. You know, the crappy crayon pictures of you and her together, construction paper flowers, and those ‘adorable’ fill-in the blank cards that read something like;

My mom’s the best because she always maks my lunch. My mom’s job is cleaning the house, and her favourite hobby is making me diner … etc.

Yes, that is a direct quote from my life from when I was a self-centered little prick (a.k.a.  a child). Yet my mom loved it and even though I am grown up now and can afford to buy my mom flowers and brunches and hallmark cards, she still likes the handmade gifts the best. This year I’m giving my mom a bottle of my home-made linen spray.

What You Need


What You Do 

  1. Start by adding 2 tsp (10 mL) of witch hazel into the bottle.
  2. Add about 30 drops of oil, screw on cap and shake.
  3. Fill the bottle with distilled water.
  4. Label and you’re done!

Linen Spray title

Linen is inherently wrinkly and needs to be sprayed damp before it can be ironed. Scented linen spray will add a yummy light scent to the fabric. You can also use it as a room spray, spritz it on furniture,  curtains, and in the car. I made a French Lavender and Lemongrass but there literally hundreds of essential oils to choose from.



Happy Mother’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Here I made you this {DIY Linen Spray}

  1. The best thing I got my folks was a Redytemp hot water optimizer. Its a quik fix for hot water waiting problems. The DIY installation is done at the sink where they “used to” wait a minute for hot water each time before showering, shaving, etc. They say its the best present they ever got cause it solved one of lifes daily annoyances, instantly.

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