Cubical Makeover {After}

I love my office. LOVE IT.

I hated it before, you can see all the reasons why here.

I love it because my cubical is now a collection of functional coordinated items, thoughtfully arranged, beautifying my desk.

Before and After

wide duo

chair duo sweater duo file duo screens duo pens duo

Details I Love


I love this shelf and everything on it. I “recovered” the shelf from a vacated desk of a friend who no longer works here (thanks Vicki!). And I love it because the frame is so heavy that there is no way I would have been able to hang it off the cubical walls. The picture is BISPGÅRDEN from Ikea ($19.99). It reminds me of the tiles that are everywhere in Lisbon, which was essentially the theme of the makeover.  The blue vase is from Chapters ($19.99, 30% off) and the tea-light holder from Bouclair Home (on sale 99¢). The silver-dollar branches were given to me by a retired co-worker a long time ago, I had them in the “before” office.


I love this slate tray from Bouclair Home ($9.99). It grounds all the necessary office accessories in one place, collecting them together into an organised group. As a bonus the slate can be written on with chalk for quick notes to myself. The “Meet @ 1” is for your benefit, I don’t have meetings, I mostly play tic-tac-toe. The centre and right containers are from Chapters and were on the 50% off clearance rack. The left container was a simple white one from Ikea that I decorated with porcelain paint pens, in what is my interpretation on the Ikat pattern. It kind of looks like a 4-year-old did it, but that’s about right. The paper clip holder and fancy post-its are from the Dollar Store.


I love the topiary. The ivy plant was in the “before” office, but loose and scraggly. I re-planted it in a Dollar Store ($2) pot, covered the dirt in moss I harvested from my lawn, and made the topiary form from stuff I had kicking about the house (tutorial to come). The ivy is no longer scrappy but collected and neat. The form adds height and visual interest which I adore, and as it fills in it will only look better. I replaced the awkward family portraits with awkward pet portraits, which is a huge improvement, and added a fun travel picture of the bubby and I.  The periodic table is just printed from the internet, but the floating frame (I had at home) gives it its proper prominence.


I love Ikea. The lamp is the 40 cm BRÅN ($16.99), I have a few smaller ones at home and think they are great and go with any decor. The oversized JÄLSTA shade ($18.00) is surprising and really makes the space feel homey.  I’m in love with blue glass right now, this is BRUKBAR ($2.49), and I use it for constant trips to the water cooler … which lead to constant trips to the laddies room, but oh well; stay hydrated!  The tissue box holder is also Ikea, but I had an extra one at home. The notebook is now where all my “important” information is kept (ie: passwords), and it is Martha Stewart Home Office ($1.19) available at Staples. I like how the geometric prints of the notebook and the lamp play off one another.


I love this watering can. I love the retro art-deco look, and that it was $1.55 in a thrift store. The violets were in the “before” office, but re-potted in a Dollar Store ($2) pot. The @ ($5.99) and & (3.99) decorative objects are from Bouclair Home, I dunno, I thought they were fun. The magazine files are easy-access storage for reference material, and are KASSETT from Ikea ($5.99/2 pack).


I love this magnet clip. I love it because it is strong enough to actually hold up my calendar, which I am constantly taking down (mostly to check when the the next pay-day is). They are from Staples, I forget how much I paid, but maybe $5.99 for a two-pack. The other one is holding up my head phones. The little green and blue ball magnets are from the Dollar Store. I don’t love keeping paper held up with magnets, that tends to look messy, but temporary things (like 50/50 tickets) are ok, and I loved how bright these were.


I love these pillows. They are comfy and welcoming and make everything cozy. The front cushion is from Chapters and I though it was a steal for $19.99 because it is an actual embroidered Ikat pattern. The back cushion is EMMIE LAND ($5.99) + INNER ($4.00) from Ikea.

And finally, I love my patriotic lunch-tote. I won it in a blog-contest from one of my fav blogs, The Art of Doing Stuff. Thanks Karen!

To Sum Up

moiWhen I walk into my office every morning, I feel like this is a place I want to be. Its a amazing what a difference it makes in my level of job satisfaction, considering the job hasn’t changed at all. But having the organisational tools I need make my days run smoother, and being surrounded by pretty, calming, personal items is relaxing a reassuring. I am motivated to keep my desk looking nice by staying organised and on top of things. I love having co-workers stop by for a chat, feeling like I have fun and comfortable space to host them in. It’s also great being able to express my individuality in a culture where everyone’s’ cube is largely the same. Everything I purchased is useful here, or at home if things change, but for now it is all worth the time, money, and effort. I am enjoying my “after” office.



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