The Essential Weekend Wardrobe

To compliment The Essential Work Wardrobe from yesterday, here is a list of basic clothing to get you through the two most important days of the week: The Weekend!

I pulled from a couple different on-line stores for this list (photo cred in the caption) but please understand that theses are just example of the pieces I mean.


I don’t know about you, but my weekend starts on Friday when I throw on a hoodie. They are cute with jeans and super comfy with sweatpants. I recommend a pullover as well as a zip-up.

Graphic T-Shirts

Rock bands, The Periodic Table of the Elements, Nayan Cat, I heart various things, whatever; graphic ts are about individuality so let your freak flag fly. These are for bumming around the house mostly, but if you heart Pop-Tarts so much you need to run out and get some, paired with jeans and a zip-hoodie you are ready to rock and roll.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Stay warm while you’re out and about with some long-sleeved tops. Shop, meet-up with friends, catch a matinée, and generally do what you needs to get done. Try to have a selection of both solids and patterns.  Wear mostly with jeans but longer shirts can be worn with leggings too.


Knits are for colder days and when you want to be dressy casual. You can borrow from you work wardrobe here. Have a cozy cardigan to match with everything, a sweater to layer over your work shirts, and add a trendy knit piece every year. This season I’m keeping an eye out for the Colour Block trend.


Denim is the official uniform of the weekend. Get a straight-legged dark washed pair for dressier occasions and casual Fridays at work.  A lighter wash will take you everywhere you want to go. Have one other colour in your jean artillery. The bright coloured denim is still very on-trend this year but that doesn’t seem to fall into the realm of ‘essential’ so I’d go with a more classic grey wash.

 Lounge Pants

Thanks to lululemon and their crazy expensive sweat-rag clothing, we are now allowed to wear yoga pants outside. I’m going to choose to see this as a good thing … because, well yoga pants are like wearing nirvana! Also have a pair of traditional sweatpants and a pair of leggings. These should see you through the entire spectrum of ultra casual.

J.Crew, Roots, Lululemon Athletica


You can’t get through winter without boots. Trust me I’m a Canadian. You need a fancy pair and a casual pair. Your fancy pair should be high and leather and still have no heel, it is the weekend after all. Your casual pair can be shorter and should probably shearling (a.k.a UGG knockoffs). Yes I know they look like slippers but that’s the point! They are SO warm and comfortable. Seriously, put me in a hoodie, yoga pants and shearling boots … and I’d go comatose in a snowbank on plow day.  You should also have a cute pair of sneakers for fall and steel from you work shoes for flats and heels.

Steve Madden, UGG, Keds

The Printable Essential Weekend Wardrobe

And there it is, the essential weekend wardrobe according to me. Now I know what you’re thinking;

I do more on the weekend than just go to movies and lay around my house. I go to dinner, clubs, parties, and charity ball galas!

Well good for you. I generally don’t get invited to such things. So if you know of anything going on and you wouldn’t mind having me there, you know … oh never mind.

I am working on The Essential Evening Wardrobe. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “The Essential Weekend Wardrobe

  1. Where are the dresses!? I don’t know what i would do without my weekend dresses! I love you in that cute red dress and red shoes by the beach. I’m biased though, b/c i live in Austin, TX and its so hot here for 8 months, that i wear dresses all the time.

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