Dinosaur Baby Shower

I had the great pleasure of co-hosting my good-friend Ashley’s Baby Shower recently. She was expecting a little boy and had designed his nursery in a dinosaur theme. Co-host Julie and I took our inspiration from that and threw together this Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower.


For decorations, I made tissue-paper poms in fun dino-colours and hung them from the ceiling. We also scattered Dollar Store plastic and plush dinosaur toys around the room. Ornamental grasses were wrapped in parchment paper and doubled as decor and game prizes.

pom poms 2

plant prize



Julie and I had a lot of fun with picking snacks for the party. The dino-theme is so easy to work with. Our Menu featured:

Watering Hole Mint and Lime flavoured Ice Water
Molten Lava Sangria
Herbivour Veggie Tray
Ice-Age Shrimp Cocktail
Deviled Dino-Eggs
Stinky-Swamp Cheeses
Pre-Historic Pinwheel Sandwiches
Jurassic Watermelon Salsa
White-Chocolate Covered Pretzel Dino-Bones
Fossil Sugar Cookies

And a beautiful lactose free (mum-to-be is intolerant) dinosaur cake made my Julie’s ridiculously talented friend.

Drinks station shrimp 3

deviled dino eggs swamp cheese Pinwheels

watermelon salas pretzel fossil cookies cake


The games were the very traditional classic shower games everyone has come to expect … but with a dinosaur twist! We played “Guess How Many Dino Eggs are in the Jar” with chocolate covered blueberries as eggs.  The prize for this game was the jar itself.

dino eggs

We also played “Guess the Baby Bump” where lengths of yarn were stored in plastic eggs. Each player got an egg, cut the yarn to a length they thought would wrap around Ashley’s tummy, placed the cut piece back inside and wrote their name on the egg. We publicly compared each persons guess to the real thing and its pretty hilarious how off most guesses were. Closest to the true length wins.

yarn game


After watching Ashley open up her mountain of gifts, each guest got to take a little something home as well; “pre-historic” succulents. These I bought from the Loblaws garden centre and planted in a glass votive holders from Ikea. Printed labels (Martha Stewart for Avery) read “Thank You! Ashley’s Baby Shower” and the date.



The party was as much fun to be at as it was to plan … and that’s saying something because I LOVE to plan parties! Julie and I made a great team, the whole thing was organised over a few e-mails and Pinterest searches. We think the guests had a good time, and most importantly, Ashley was happy.

Ashley and I
Me and Ashley the new mom!

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Baby Shower

  1. it was a wonderful shower and lots of work and thought planning involved. The dino theme was amazing. Thanks Eve Marie and Julie
    Nona Melina

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