A Costume Retrospective

It’s the first day of October! And the universal thing to do on October 1st is to think about October 31st: Halloween. What to do? Where to go? How much candy is it humanly safe to eat? And most important of all, what to wear?! There are only 30 days left to decide! 

Not everyone likes dressing up on Halloween. I don’t get those people. I still love and respect them, heck I’m marrying one, but I don’t get it. Dressing up is so much fun! You get to pretend to be like someone else for a little while, let your imagine out for a bit and give it some exercise. A lot of the fun comes from planning, designing, and making your costume. The rest of the fun comes from candy. 

Today I was doubly reminded of Halloween because I have been featured on henryhapened.com‘s list of “40 Totally Clever DIY Costumes for Couples”.  The Bob Barker and Next Contestant On the Price of Right costumes I made apparently meet that criteria and made the list. Thanks for the shout out Stephanie!


Even the fiancé has to admit that we had a pretty good time in those outfits. Not that he did any “imagining” or “acting”, but its impossible to not feel gratified when someone compliments your costume and its nice knowing that people enjoy looking at the character you are dressing as.

Either that or he really likes me, because Liam has worn a costume almost every single year we’ve been together. 

peter pan
2007 Tinker Bell & Peter Pan – wish I could have gotten him to wear the tights!
2008 - French Maid and a Skeleton
2008 French Maid & Skeleton – I was kinda slutty this year, glad this is the only shot
star trek
2009 Communications Officer Uhura & First Officer Spock – a rare store-bought costume
2010 - Octopus and Shark
2010 Octopus & Shark – click for how I made the Shark Hoodie
price is right
2011 Bob Barker & the Next Contestant on the Price is Right – click for the how-to
at home
2012 Suburban Couple  – who stay home in their awesome-decorated house to give out candy and try NOT dressing up for once but end up putting on skeleton shirts anyway and the girl is bored so she vows to have costumes and a party next year!

What do you think?

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