Cape Cod Day 6

Today we were up early to drive to Barnstable for a Whale Watching Tour. It looked like it was shaping up to be a pretty nice day when we shoved off.

Cape Cod 2013 068 Cape Cod 2013 088

Despite my face in this picture, we were having a great time as we headed up the coast towards Boston.IMG_0850And then a gale hit. Well it seemed like a gale to me. There was wind, rain, waves, darkness, and a lot of sea-spray. But I manage well in all weathers.

IMG_0899Even with this mess going on we got to see a few whales!! This lady in particular gave us a great show. Her name is Nile, because of the river-shaped marking on her tail.
IMG_0923 IMG_0953 IMG_0921


By the time the captain broadcasted “Sea conditions are rapidly deteriorating” we were all ready to say goodbye to Nile and take shelter inside the boat. A cup of hot  tea and a few card games later, we were back on dry land and heading to home to pack .

We leave tomorrow morning. It was a great trip. GREAT. Cape Cod exceed my expectations. What a perfect summer escape for a couple of Canadians, seeking sand, sun, and seafood.



Cape Cod Day 5

Today we made it to Nantucket! I only go the tiniest bit sea-sick on the 1 hour fast ferry, but met a nice gentlemen and his two gorgeous golden retrievers. Once I was the off the boat I was insanely hungry, so we dove into the old town and found lunch; delicious clam chowder.

Cape Cod 2013 280We wandered around a bit to get a feel for this old quirky village.

keep calm mail box figurehead

ship lemonade stone barn


Eventually we made it to Brant Point Light, which was first constructed in 1746. It’s had to be replaced / rebuilt nine times since the, but still, there was a lighthouse here 121 years before Canada was a country, so pretty cool!


On a whim we decided to hope on a shuttle to the Cisco Brewery for their tour. It was awesome! The moment we got there we realized this is where the party is!  There was music, dancing, balloon animals, kids, dogs, food, and oh yeah, um there were a few drinks. The tour consisted of the crowd pouring each other different beers out of growlers. The guide was great, obviously in love with his job, it was infectious.



Cisco is a triple-threat, consisting of a brewery, distillery, and vineyard. We tried their vodka and dark rum as well on the tour, and then sampled some wine … and more beer at the party afterward. By the end of the tour, this was me …

drinkSuffice it to say I had a great time. After enjoying the party for a bit we headed back to the village for dinner and all too soon it was time to catch the ferry home. Nantucket is an island I can see myself coming back to. For now though, I will have to console myself with this limerick;

There once was a girl on Nantuket
Who drank rum and beer by the bucket,
She had a great time
Bought a bottle of wine
And left saying she’d be back to Nantucket!

Cape Cod Day 4

Yesterday we had planed on going to Nantucket, but it didn’t work out. For a multitude of complex and interrelated reasons we missed the ferry that would take us the 30 miles off the Cape and onto the historic island. But it’s ok, we ended up having a great day anyway.

We hung out at our cottage, fired-up up the BBQ, drank a lot, and soaked up the Sun. After a good salt-rinsing / sobering shower, we dolled our selves up and headed to Mashpee for dinner at the Poppenesset Inn.

Driving up to this place was magical. White lights are strung up on the trees, everything is calm but there is lots of activity with happy groups of people walking and laughing all over the place. It was a little like driving into the Town of Spectre. The restaurant is almost right on the water, giving up a view of that other island off the coast; Martha’s Vineyard.

liam and i

Dinner was delicious. We ate everything seafood. In fact, I don’t think I’ve eaten much of anything that didn’t come out of the sea. I had the most amazing 1 and 1/2 lbs lobster, so fresh and juicy, Never in my life have I had lobster so fresh. I was a happy girl last night.

lobster and me

Cape Cod Day 3

Yesterday was another relaxing beach day. We slept in, made a delicious breakfast in our cottage, and took ourselves to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.


The self-tour was basic but cute, an getting to buy giant bags of chips for cheap at the end was so worth it. The rest of the day was spent on Sandy Neck Beach, which had beautiful dunes and  incredibly sea blue waves.



imageWe still hadn’t had enough of the beach.  So when we got ‘home’ we ordered a pizza. packed up a bottle of wine, and watched the sunset on Onset Bay. Best way to eat pizza, ever.




Cape Cod Day 2

Yesterday we drove up to the tip of Cape Cod and spent a wonderful day in Provincetown. Honestly it was the best day ever! We started off sailing around the bay on an old wooden schooner;




imageIt was awesome. The wind was crisp and full of salt spray, the water and the sky supreme blue.

We wandered up and down Commercial Street popping in and out of the cute little shops, and bought about 4lbs of salt water taffy.




Cape Cod Day 1

We spent our first day on the Cape relaxing on the sand. Shell Point beach is just steps away from the little cottage we will be calling home this week. It’s quiet here with many spread out happy families.  Boston accents float around us on the  gentle breeze, and hermit crabs scuttle past our toes. The water is much warmer than what we were told to expect of the Atlantic; maybe because we are cold-water hardened Canadians, or maybe because of the shelter of the Bay. In any case the Sun has been warm and darkening our skin while the salt tames the frizz in my hair.

imageTonight we are going to cook a simple meal and wander the village, check out the shops and the band-stand. Tomorrow  we have a big day in Provincetown (or P-town as the locals call it) planed. Wish you were here!

Cape Cod, Get Excited

No Menu today, or next week either. We have to clear out the fridge in preparation for vacation in Cape Cod!

We have rented a little place with some friends and it will be our first experience with Airnbnb. Have you heard of it? It’s a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. People with spaces to rent-out list their accommodation on the website which acts as a mitigating third-party, providing insurance and absorbing some of the risk … for a fee. As renters, we pay Airbnb upfront when booking, but the landlord only gets paid after we have left and are satisfied with our stay. I have several friends who have used the site for stays in New York , Chicago, and Europe with great results. So fingers crossed that it all works out!

The place we are renting, Private Jewel Box Cottage, looks absolutely adorable and I hope it lives up to these pictures,

cottage 1 cottage 4 cottage 3 The idea was that we wanted a really laid back, relaxing beach vacation. Turkey was an incredible time, but on trips like that you tend to return home more exhausted than when you left. And although we do plan on spending at lest 50% of our time on the beach, Cape Cod has too much to offer to just stay still!

One of the first things we want to do is drive to the tip of the Cape and spend a day in Provincetown. This artsy-looking harbour town seems likes load of fun and I can’t wait to get to wandering its streets and shops. We are likely taking a sail on The Bay Lady II (a traditional passenger trade schooner) and/or a tour of the dunes in the Cape Cod National Seashore.

We are also considering taking a whale watching tour or having an elegant dinner on a Cape Cod’s Central Railway train for a gorgeous trip through cranberry bogs, sand dunes, and cape sites that are not accessible to cars.

Another highlight is sure to be our planned day trip to Nantuket, an adorable historic town I can’t wait to get lost in. I want to see where Ishmael sets out on the Pequod in search of Moby Dick, but seeing how that’s fiction, I’ll likely pop into the Whaling Museum to get a bit of real history on the region.

Not to mention all the walking, biking, kayaking, swimming, golfing, shopping, oh and the dinning to do! I am a seafood lover and can’t wait to sink my teeth into a real lobster roll (although mine are pretty good) and attend a clam bake.

I will do my best to produce short posts while away (the cottage has wifi!) and keep you updated on what we are up to. I love it when tixeretne turns travel blog, I wish it could be one all the time.