Cuckoo for Koko Chocolate

I’ve had this post in my ‘drafts’ folder for some time, and now that most of us have given up on our ‘healthy eating’ resolutions, it wont seems so sinful to post about chocolate.

I came across Koko Chocolates one dull day on twitter, the bio sounded good, “Ottawa’s finest, artisan chocolate. Made fresh with premium Belgian chocolate – the way it should be!” so I redirected to the company’s web page.  I judge a lot about a company and its product by the state of their website and this one made a great impression straight away. Very easy to navigate, just the right amount of information, and lots of pictures -pictures of truffles that can only be described as eye candy! How can you not crave something called “Italian Lover” that’s flavoured with Amaretto and Cognac and has elegant chocolate drizzles draped artfully over it? Or a chocolate “Margarita” infused with lime and tequila and adorable little salt crystals neatly garnishing one corner?  Short story: you can’t.

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The truffles are said to have ganache centers surrounded by premium Belgian chocolate -fine, I can get that anywhere. They are made fresh and contain no preservatives – okay that’s a nice big plus. Koko Chocolates is also owned and operated by two Ottawa women, Lori Sword and Jen Winter, who both sound like fantastic people – and you gotta love a small local business. When I saw that Koko Chocolates was within walking distance of my office -I was sold. It was fate! I knew I had to try  theses delicious looking truffles, the question now became how many?

Click on the Ordering tab (subtitle: mmm yummy) and you get a list of the 9 standard truffle flavours and one seasonal flavour that has already changed since I ordered in November. Scroll to the bottom and you can see the quantity options.

  • There is a sleeve of 3 truffles: far to little, that would just be a tease.
  • A small box of 8: not bad, but which two would I leave behind? No, I have to try them all.
  • A medium box of 18: better, I’d get to try them all and share some with a friend.
  • A large box of 32: great, more than enough to go around!

I oscillated between getting the medium and large box for a while, finding it a bit hard to spend $40 on a box of chocolates. But when I did the math it turned out that no matter what box I went with, the truffles where about $1.35 each; a very fair price for gourmet artisan chocolate! I was having family over that night so I splurged and got the big juicy box.

They were a hit! My only regret was that I didn’t save them for a more discerning crowd. My parents probably thought “yes, they are better than Pot of Gold” but it stopped there. Had I been with some of my chocolate snob amigas, they would have gone bananas (mmm, banana flavoured truffle?) for the two most unique flavours “Thai Chili” and the above mentioned “Margarita”.  All the truffles were chocolaty perfection; smooth, rich, and with well proportioned sweetness that brought out the flavours. But the fun creativity of the unique varieties was what was really exciting.

The 32 truffles I ordered were presented in a lovely green box with and shiny brown bow, the whole kit foreshadowing the elegant little chocolates to come. These chocolates in any amount and combination would make a lovely gift, and hey, isn’t Valentines day only 12 days away? Isn’t it kind of convention to give chocolates on that day? Humm, hint, hint …. who am I kidding? he’ll never read this.

Anyway! Also on the Ordering tab are Tortoises (kinda like Turtles), “A layer of pecans and gooey caramel between two layers of dark chocolate” and Koko Bark, “Dark Belgian chocolate bark with roasted almonds” which both look and sound delicious but I have not yet had the pleasure of sampling them. Koko also seems to offer special event services for weddings, showers, and corporate gifts, something I will keep in mind should I ever require to-die-for bonbonnières. For now though, I am content with indulging in the guilty pleasure of buying myself chocolate, and I can’t wait to try the new seasonal flavor; “Cinnamon Love”. Doesn’t it look scrumptious?