Time to Bee Gardening

I worship David Suzuki and visit the David Suzuki Foundation website pretty often. There is a page discussing bees and their habitat loss, with helpful links to find out why bees are so important to us people. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and don’t want to surf on-line for answers, I recommend watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie; hilarious and illuminating.

So as awesome as all thing David Suzuki are, I find the list of ” plants, organized by when they bloom, …[that] are a few of the species native to Canada that attract bees” pretty un-inspiring. So I turned the list into an image that showcases the lovely flowers you can have in your Canadian bee-friendly garden. I will absolutely keep them in mind when I start gardening.

These are just the spring suggestions. I will pretty-up the lists for summer and fall as we get to those seasons.