Gather No Moss

You know what they say about rolling stones … they sell their big suburban house and move to the city!

We are officially moving to Hintonburg, arguably the hippest neighborhood in Ottawa (I might be biased). The area is amazing; steps away from public transit, the river, a beach, and littered with great shops, restaurants, and craft breweries. The house itself is the perfect size for our nuclear two cat family, needs absolutely no outdoor maintenance, BUT -you’ll like this- is in needs more interior renovation than the house we just sold.

Renovation blog-posts for life!!! 

Okay maybe not. As much as we love DIY, we are going to let the professionals step in on this one. The changes we’d like to make are major and we wont even be living in the place while they are happening.

We are currently interviewing contractors and attempting to get things organised to start as soon as we take possession. Meanwhile, I’m having oodles of fun planning the new space; losing sleep over patterned tiles, aggressively pinning genius ways to store coffee makers, and perpetually on-line shopping for light fixtures.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:
Kitchen PlanThe kitchen is basically a gut-job. It photographs well, but trust me when I tell you that it’s all looking pretty warn. The refrigerator is too large and blocking access to a light switch, so I’d like to replace it with a counter-depth unit that is more size appropriate. At the same time, I want to upgrade the stove for a gas range and go with a hidden dishwasher for a streamlined look. The cabinets, counters, fixtures, and back-splash will also be new.

On the other side of the room, I’d like to remove the wall separating the kitchen from the dinning/living room (please oh please renovations gods, let this be possible) and create a “peninsula” counter with room for a few stools. I’d also like to add a pantry on the back wall, maybe with a small area for a built-in desk. Something like:

Dream Kitchen.jpg
check out my Pinterest for links!

All the work in the living room will be focused on the fireplace wall, which currently looks like:

living room plan

We want to bring some symmetry to it by either removing the recessed shelves, or evening them out with some custom cabinetry. Liam loves the wall-mounted TV so we will be keeping that feature, but the black tiles and blue paint has to go.

We’re toying with idea of adding hardwood to the stairs, re-finishing the floors, and installing pot lights in here too, but it will all depend on cost. My inner-DIY-self is already cringing at the expense.  This doesn’t look cheap:

fireplace wall.jpg
links on my Pinterest page

Thankfully, the master bedroom only needs a little face-lift;

bedroom plan

I can handle most of the work in here, including the immensely fun job of removing the wall paper (oh joy). With an electrician already in the house, we’d like to get him or her to move the wall sconces down a bit. All the baseboards and door casings will be replaced as well, and I will of course paint everything.


The upstairs bathroom is another gut-job. I wont go into too many details because we aren’t even sure the “plan” is possible. The idea is to widen the space by shuffling some walls around and stealing square footage from an adjacent closet. If it is possible, we will be pulling off one heck of a transformation. Here’s an example of those patterned floor tiles I am obsessed with:

Style at Home


Exciting times!




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