Best Summer Appetiser {Endive Boats}

As invitations to summer BBQs start rolling in, I find myself turning to this go-to favourite to bring as the perfect appetiser / side dish / whatever.

It’s light, refreshing, and super easy to throw together.

What You Need
Boursin cheese (any flavour, but I like basil)

What You Do
Slicing off the root of an endive, start peeling away the leaves. You will need to keep slicing at the root-end to be able to gently remove each layer. I like to keep the leaves all about the same size, so I’ll only use the first few layers of four or five endives (and save the rest for salad).

The rest is pretty basic; spoon on the Boursin, top with a pecan, and drizzle with honey. Voila!


There is so much yum going on with these. The spicy of the endive balanced with the creamy of the cheese, plus the earthy flavour of the herbs and the double-shot of sweetness from the pecan and honey. They are also pretty and easy to eat.

I’m sure there are dozens of equally delicious variations (I’m thinking cream cheese + smoked salmon + dill, or goat cheese + pomegranate + black pepper, et cetera) so have fun and don’t stress about what to bring to your next BBQ. Just get out there and start enjoying summer!


What do you think?

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