Ready to POP Baby Shower

Today I’d like to share a Baby Shower I threw for my sister-in-law about a month back. She welcomed her beautiful healthy son into the world earlier this week and Liam and I are just ecstatic for the new family.

The Invitation & Theme
“Ready to Pop” was a wonderful theme to work with right out of the gate. It was easy to find balloon decked stationary; I chose a design that is cheerful and gender neutral. We knew the baby was a boy, but as this was a coed shower, wanted to keep everything as inclusive as possible. We held the party of about 30 guests in our home for a fun and laid-back affair.  invite

The most import part of any gathering! Everything served fitted with the theme:

Popcorn Shrimp w. Thai chili sauce
Popcorn Chicken w. plum sauce
Jalapeno Poppers w. queso
Salad with Poppy-seed Dressing
Pancetta & Cheddar Popovers
Pesto & Chive Popovers
Snap Crackle Pop Rice Crispie Treats
Cake Pops*food

*full disclosure: these are Tim Horton’s Timbits. The local bakers wanted about $3 per cake pop! Sorry, that was not in the budget. But for $10, some drizzled icing and a lollipop stick, these impostors looked great and tasted like good old-fashioned Canadian deliciousness.

Games and Activities

Ready to Pop
To get everyone loosened up, we handed out mini-helium balloons + tooth picks,  counted down together and POPPED! One balloon contained confetti, which burst all over the winner of a fabulous door prize.

Diaper Thoughts
Guests loved writing funny messages on the bums of newborn diapers. The new parents should appreciate the late-night comic relief as well. An instructional sign told guests to “pick a diaper and write on the BOOTY, something to take their minds off the DOOTY“.

Potty Pong
Like beer-pong, but with training-potties. Particularly enjoyed by the gentlemen. games

Baby Amuse-Bouche
A blind taste-test of various baby food. I was ruthless with this one and included flavours like corn, beef, and turkey. Muhahaha!

Pop Quiz!
We challenged our guests to a surprise round of baby trivia. Free French and English downloads available here and answers here.

Decor and Other Stuff
Balloons were obviously the decoration of choice for this party, and I scattered bunches of them around the house in colours pulled from the invitation.

A wooden train-set played centerpiece, winding around small arrangements of seasonal button mums, and is now a bonus gift for the baby! Simple cut tulips in tall glass vases also helped create that spring-time feeling.

Adults enjoyed a “Pop, Clink, Fizz” Mimosa bar and “Pop a Cold One” beer bucket. Kids loved the popcorn machine.

Favours were an assortment of “pop” candy, including blow-pops, ring-pops, pop rocks, and Popeye cigarettes.

For a guest-book, people left messages in the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop. How more on the nose could this theme be?details


There was of course a hearty round of gift-opening by mum and dad-to-be and the customary “oooo”s and “awwww”s from spectating guests.  gifts

It was a wonderful party -to plan, execute, and attend- and a pleasure to meet the friends and family of a couple who have brought a wonderful little bundle of awesome into all our lives. guests

(also, our new hardwood floors look fantastic!!!)


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