Boston Boys {Freshening Up the Bunk Room}

We are preparing for visitors! Three men from Boston whom we have never met, staying with us for three days at the end of June.

No, we have not listed our home on Airbnb (although that is an intriguing idea …), the Boston Boys are groomsmen in my friend’s wedding, and I am a bridesmaid. These guys are traveling all the way from Boston to attend the wedding and spend a few days exploring Canada’s Capital. Rather than stay in some overpriced fancy hotel, they are bunking with us in my convenient three bed spare room.


All the furniture and linens were given to us (lucky us) so we have never paid any attention to decorating this room … the cat seems to like it nonetheless. In honour of our American guests, I’m freshening up the bunk room with a Canadian theme.

With only a busy few weeks between now and the wedding, changes have to be kept minimal. Sadly, there is no time for painting, or changing of electrical outlets or door hardware. Still, there is a lot I could do to make this room more welcoming and put-together. Here’s the plan:

bunk bed plan

The plaid comforters on the bunk beds fit in really well with the pine wood furniture, but the purple on the single bed clashes horribly.  I’ll cover it with the KUSTRUTA duvet cover set from Ikea. So that we aren’t overwhelmed by plaid, I’ll also pick up two grey GURLU cushion covers. I’m in love with the Canadian flag pillow above (from Urban Barn) but $42 seems a little steep. I may cave and get it if I can’t find something similar. I must have some form of Canada flag in the room.

The small lamp on the dresser doesn’t do much to light the space, so I’m adding a HEKTAR wall/clip lamp over the single bed to brighten up the corner. I’d like to tablescape the dresser with random little pieces of Candiana like maple scented candles and a mini Inukshuk. No guest room is complete without an alarm clock (is it my job to make sure the Boston Boys get to the wedding on time?) and the DEKAD fits right in with the heritage feel.

The room is in desperate need of stuff on the walls. Framed pictures from our Engagement Session, shot on an Ontario lake, should work nicely.  I’m also toying with the idea of framing some iconic Canadian wildlife images, but am worried they will come off too kitsch. To fill the giant wall space over the single bed, I’d love to accomplish a project I’ve been planning for a while now; textured art inspired by

I better get started!


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