Christmas Pledge Check Up

So its December 1st and time to see how we did with our Christmas Pledge.

Shopping: 20% to go

There are a few DIY gifts I’m working on, and a couple hard-to shop-for names still on the list. I have back-up ideas for those people in case I don’t think of something absolutely perfect for them soon. These things need to percolate.

Wrapping: 20% to go

Everything I have is wrapped and out of the cats’ reach.


Holiday cooking prep: done

And the appetizers came in handy for a last minute Holiday Potluck we went to on Friday.

Christmas Cards: done

Ready for the post-office.


Outside decorating: done

Although its all kind of sad without snow on the ground, but I’m not complaining.

Inside decorating: done

Just have the tree left but its more fun to make a night of it.

Christmas decor

Holiday Party Outfits: done

We bought a few pieces that should suffice, although I’ll keep my eye out for a new festive tie for the Mr. clothes

All in all we have done very well and are looking forward to a relaxed and fun December.





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