Kitchen Makeover Plans

Woohoo we are fixing the ugly kitchen! I like the big window, the layout, the pantry, and the gas range, but I have HATED everything else about our kitchen from the moment we bought the house. Hate is a strong word and I don’t use it lightly. But the green floors, rotten counter-top, leaking faucet, older-than-me dishwasher, and the fluorescent light all combined to make up a room I really couldn’t stand. There was even a green-and-white checkered back splash that I immediately painted over; here.

Now we are finally paying some attention to the space, updating what we can while keeping costs as low as possible.

We found a set of almost-new appliances on Kijiji and are getting them next week! They will launch the room into the present and I’m looking forward to having a regular sized fridge that doesn’t stick out so much from the counter, and a dishwasher that doesn’t sound like a train. We are also going to update the faucet and sink, the ceiling lights, and do something with the awkward space above the microwave.

plan 2

The counter-tops are not only ugly but rotten around the sink and need to be replaced. We’d love to do granite but it’s just not in the budget … so laminate it is! Actually there are some really nice looking options in the big box stores, and anything is better than green.

The part I am MOST excited about is the floors. To save the cost and hassle of pulling out the old vinyl sheet and laying new subfloor, we are installing vinyl tiles. These can go right over the old floor and seem super simple to install. They are also groutable, so should give the kitchen a much more modern look. And, as always, we will paint the walls grey.

plan 3

We’ve already gotten started and are making good progress. We should be ready for the appliances next weekend. I cannot wait for it all come together and show you when its done!

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