The Christmas Pledge!

Karen, over at the Art of Doing Stuff blog, posted her Christmas pledge today. I have followed Karen and taken her pledge for a few years now and am firmly in the YES camp. This is a great idea! Actually its genius, like Karen.

Basically you swear upon the internet that you will get everything done for the Holidays before December hits.  You make a list of what needs to be done and a schedule for when you will do them. Here’s mine:


This way you get to spend the magical days before Christmas actually enjoying the Season. Instead of the time-pressured shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating,  hair-pulling marathon, you could:

  • build a snowman
  • make snow angels
  • sip wine and sing carols
  • visit friends
  • go to parties
  • stay up late eating milk and cookies
  • cut down your own tree
  • make decorating the tree a fun evening involving eggnog
  • roast chestnuts {preferably on an open fire}
  • volunteer
  • go tobogganing / skating / snowshoeing followed by hot chocolate
  • see the Santa Claus parade
  • watch Christmas movies cuddled up under blankets
  • catch the TV Christmas specials
  • get family pictures taken / take pictures with Santa
  • get a massage/manicure/facial, whatever makes you feel pampered!
  • decorate a gingerbread house
  • walk the neighborhood admiring neighbors lights
  • and more!

Not convinced? Give it a try! No one will know if you don’t get everything done in November, but I promise that you will have a better December just making a start now.


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