Number the Envelopes! {Reply Card Tip}

Mr. Fiancé and I got started assembling our second set of invitations last night. These are for the larger (wine themed!) reception we are hosting back home after our (Lisbon Coast!) destination wedding. We only got a third of the way done, but it was a solid start and we should have them ready to go in the mail by the end  of the week.

There was a marked difference in our competence, organisation and ability in performing the task from our first round of (Ocean Flourish) invitations. This is all becoming old hat now. For instance; wine is an absolute necessity.

invitation wine night

We also have another great tip for you. It is pretty much common knowledge that numbering your RSVP cards is a great idea. In case of illegible or completely absent (yes it happens) guest names, a small number at the back of the card corresponding to the name can be a life saver. But does this really look great?

Ottawa Wedding Invitations 001

No. No it doesn’t. Not that very many people will notice, and none that do will care at all. But. Still. It made me sad. I  pouted over four or five of these until my brilliant betrothed, in a stroke of pure genius, came out with “why don’t you just number the envelopes?


How is this not out there yet? It’s the best idea ever! The secret-code numbers can be hidden in a fold of the RSVP envelope, which is sure to be returned (as they are pre-addressed and stamped), where no one will see it unless looking for it, and the cute reply cards remain completely unmarred!

number the envelopes


I knew I was marrying him for a reason.



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