Dinning Room Reveal

Ta da! Our dinning room re-decorating is done! To see the sad neglected room it was before, click here, or take a look at these Before & Afters:   front view before afterseat view before afterdoor view before after Lets take a tour … Almost the very first thing we did was to replace the chandelier. This four pendant champagne-bubble one was a steal for only $90 at Costco. We took forEVER making sure the pendants were at the right length and level with each other, but overall this was a cheap easy update that instantly shot the room into this decade. Dinningroom after 102 Our cream-coloured dinning table set has to stay (for now) but got a mini-makeover with a new table runner from Marshalls ($13), a candle holder centre-piece from Bouclair Home ($40) and some lovely rose scented RANDIG pillar candles from Ikea ($20). Dinningroom after 099

Dinningroom after 101 The wall clock got another re-working, and is now a mirror! The time keeping doohickey was broken so Mr. Fianncé removed it. Luckily, the FRACK vanity mirror is the exact same size as the clock face, so I was able to disassemble it and glue directly over the old clock. Now the mirror just looks glitzy and reflects back the soft light from the chandelier. I love how the white of the clock pops against the grey walls. We went one shade lighter than the colour in the Entryway; this is Frost Grey from Dulux ($50). mirror For ‘art’ adorning the left wall, I had three pictures we took on our trip to Turkey printed and placed in white RIBBA frames ($60).  Here, from left to right, you see Istanbul Bosporus Fisherman, Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys, and the Travertine Pools of Pamukkale.  photos The curio cabinet posed the biggest challenge of the whole room. So much fragile glass to remove, so many nooks and crannies to paint, drips to catch, hardware to paint. But in the end the dark wood is replaced by fresh white and the piece fits within the space. Liam really took a fancy the decorative ball (from Marshalls, $25) and I liked that it mimics the Entryway chandelier, linking the two spaces. cabinate The Bay window got a lot of attention and is now my favourite spot in the house! We nabbed a great deal on a curtain rod ($30) with pretty acrylic finals at Bouclair. The curtains are FERLE from Ikea ($15) and were perfectly hemmed by my awesome mother (thanks mom!). The cushions are from all over the place, none of them above $15. I considered making a seat cushion with fabric and foam, but opted for a more natural looking RENS sheepskin throw ($40).  Its also a little reminiscent of a room we stayed in in cave hotel in Turkey. window curtain rod   Dinningroom after 120

Kelebek Hotel

And the boys? They love it!! Dinningroom after 079

Dinningroom after 105


I am so happy with the results. The room finally looks finished and lived in, I think I achieved the ‘light but warm’ feeling I was going for, and the minor electrical upgrades will certainly add a bit of value to our home.  Until we can afford a more major renovation, I’m sure our dinning room will serve us well. I am certainly excited for our next dinner party!

Dinningroom after 176


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