Foodie & Wino: A Love Story {Reception Mood Board}

I am a sucker for theme parties, even when that party is a wedding. Themes help unify all aspects of an event and give direction to every decision from colour palette, outfits, food selection, to what kind of favours to give out to guests.

A theme can be as literal (like the Dino Baby Shower) or abstract (Lisbon Portugal) as you want, and can be carried through as much or as little as seems proper for the event.

Once Liam and I get back from our destination wedding, we are throwing a cocktail party for our more extend family and friends, as well as all those who could not make it to Lisbon. A little music, a lot of dancing, a chance to celebrate our marriage with everyone; I’m really looking forward to it!

Working with the decor of our venue, Sidedoor Kitchen and Bar, as well as its reputation for excellent food, the theme for our Reception will be something deceptively simple:

Food & Wine!

I don’t plan on taking the theme too literally, you wont see vines draped over everything or tables covered in plastic grapes, but it certainly inspires a lot of fun stuff:

For links to everything seen above, as well as much more, please visit my Pintrest Board.
For links to everything seen above, as well as much more, please visit my Pintrest Board.

This Mood Board is quintessential Eve & Liam, I love everything on it and want to put most of it in my mouth right now. I’m not sure which of us is the bigger Wino or Foodie; we both love fine food and a good drink A LOT.

Practically, the food part of the theme will come out in the fact that we will serve food. Creative I know. Sidedoor‘s famous tacos will be passed along with other sumptuous canapes, and what could be better than a late-night build-your-own gourmet poutine bar? Nothing on Earth. I’m also tempted to try my hand at making DIY flavoured sea salt as favours (tutorial to come?). The wine half is a bit easier; I’ll do something with corks but will mostly use the red wine inspired wonderfully rich dark purples and plums in the invitations, flowers, and linens. Come late September, these colours will be perfect for our early Autumn evening party.


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