Dinning Room Before

We are just about ready to move on to our next renovation! … which is more like a redesign. We aren’t demolishing the ceiling or putting up mouldings, mostly just updating the fixtures and painting. This is largely because we have bigger plans for the room in future (like busting out the kitchen wall, custom built-ins, and hardwood floors). There is still quite a bit to do, including softening up the Bay-window with curtains, dressing up the walls with some artwork, and if I can find a rug I can afford, it would be great to have one to help define the space. I’m not in love with my dinning table (which was a hand-me-down from a neighbour) but it is of great quality and in excellent shape. Reupholstering the chairs will help at least update the set.
plan 1
The old-fashioned chandelier will get replaced, and I’ll have to fix my mom’s old clock which stopped working shortly after we updated it. I’m not sure about painting the curio cabinet, it’s the only dark wood in the space, but with all that glass it seems like a lot of work. We’ll see.
plan 2
And of course I’m painting the walls grey! Going two shades lighter than the colour in the Entryway. The vent cover, electrical outlets, and dimmer switch will also all be updated. I’m very excited to turn the Bay-window into a cosy little nook with a seat and cushions. Our home backs on to farmland, the binoculars are for spying on the neighbours wild turkeys, deer, and fox out there.plan 3 The cats also love to sun themselves and do their bird watching here.

dexterAs far as design goes, I’m thinking lots of white and light blue for an airy feel. I’m hoping to take this rather stark room and create warmth by layering multiple fabrics and textures. I’ve been really loving the clean light-but-cozy feeling of Nordic/Scandinavian design lately, and will take a bit of inspiration from there. Here is what I have so far, it is mostly cushions;

dinning room mood boardWe’ve bought a few things for the space already, like the new light and a curtain rod that was 50% off! But we can’t really get started for another two weeks. Family is coming for a visit, bringing along their dogs and babies, being very welcome but unconducive to pneumatic nailers and wet-paint.  With this plan in place I am dying to just dive in but will have to hold myself back and realize that even this simple ‘renovation’, like all the others, will take time.


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