Our Ocean Flourish

Our invitations are out and have arrived at their destinations! Some going as far as the US and Europe. I am absolutely in love with them and the relatively pain-free process I went through to send them on their way.

I knew I did not want to attempt to make my invitations, either from scratch or from a kit. I do not have the skills or the patience to go through all that printing, cutting, and assembling involved. I have received beautiful invitations friends have made, but it just wasn’t for me … and I paid for it. I also knew that I didn’t want to go to an invitation boutique to look at album after album of paper and ink samples. I don’t make good decisions in on-the-spot situations, and I hate feeling like I’m taking up too much of someone’s time. I preferred to operate in a medium I am very comfortable in; the internet.

There are many on-line invitation companies with thousands of different designs and styles of wedding (and general party) invitations. Most of them let you customise all the text and fonts and colours and produce an instant preview of the card. They also offer (usually) free samples of their paper, ink, and text options for you the peruse in the comfort of your own home. These arrived in the mail and come with a discount for when you place your order. Worth it! I ordered samples from:


So I still had lots to go-over and consider! I lusted over some of the letterpress options for a while, the thick luxurious paper and oh-so-elegant formality of them had me enchanted. But that price wasn’t going to happen, like ever. In the end I found a lovely design on Minted.com called Ocean Flourish. The hand drawn calligraphic flourishes inspired by waves on the beach utterly captured the sea-feel I wanted, without taking it to a literal “beach or “nautical” theme. And the ombré silver to blue is so pretty and trendy!

from minted.com

Once ordered, the company sends you a digital proof of the invitation and all the inserts for your approval. The system on Minted for making adjustments to the design is incredible. You get to add little notes on the invitation with instructions with what you want changed. A designer then reviews your notes, makes the changes, and then sends a proof back to you. I went through a very few number of back-and-forth before getting the layout just right. The designer was incredibly prompt and helpful, and made visually pleasing suggestions that I could never have come up with. They are the professionals after all! To console myself from the loss of letterpress, I opted for the or their Luxe Museum Board Paper. This stuff is extra-thick with a rich creamy cotton texture. Coupled with the gold foil envelop liners, I had all the elegance and formality I was hoping for. In no time at all, our completed invitations arrived in the mail.

our invites

Again, to save myself time and the stress of a perfectionist, we hired a calligrapher to address the envelopes. Rebecca at Letter Artistry serves the Ottawa area and did an incredible job.


After all this, I still had assembling to do. Mr. Fiancé and I took an evening, poured ourselves a glass of wine (white!) and got to work. We had to stamp the envelopes with our return address embosser, paste in the gold liners, add postage to the return address envelopes, and layer all the enclosure cards. We got it done in one short evening and are incredibly happy with the results.

invitation suitWe have already received a bunch of RSVP cards! I get ridiculously excited checking the mail every day, hoping for a confirmation that another loved one will be joining us on our Portugal adventure. I even have them displayed over the mantel and get excited every time I look at them.

Invitations 050


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