Happily Ever After Wedding Cake Topper

Once upon a time when I was a little girl up to a few years ago, hands-down one hundred percent, this was going to be my wedding cake topper:

Lenox Cinderella and Prince Dancing

Or any of these:

What can I say? Everything I know about love I learnt from Disney movies. I think that’s true for a lot of Millennials, Disney was a big part of growing up. And although I sill love Cinderella, pretend to be Ariel when I go swimming, know all the words to to Pocahontas song, and try to make slurping spaghetti sexy, Disney is not a big part of my relationship with Liam, so doesn’t really have a place at our wedding … except maybe at the kids table … where I will be sitting.

Still, I don’t think I can give up my fairytale wedding cake-topper entirely. But it needs to be more mature than cartoon characters, less traditional than a china figurine, and still manage to capture the magical essence of a Disney romance. Tall order, Etsy to the rescue!

from Betteroffwed

This is perfect. Three little words that sum up the happy ending of every love story ever told. An elegant font with romantic flourishes. Hand-crafted from eco-friendly wood board made from recycled eucalyptus tree fibres. Coloured with custom mixed vibrant metallic food safe gold paint for that magic sparkle. A unique statement that is not overly feminine, yet should still make all the inner-princess at our wedding smile.


What do you think?

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