DIY Shower Curtain Art

When I started thinking about re-doing our entryway, I lusted over the idea of doing a wall mural like this:


But even in our small room that would cost over $250; absolutely not in the very limited budget.  I was ready to give up on large birch trees in my foyer… until I saw this shower curtain:

birch curtain

Hummm, very similar. And at $25, it fit right into to budget. I got my shower curtain at a place in Ottawa called ZoneMaison, but this one’s identical. Anyway, I hatched a plan to turn this bathroom linen into a large piece of artwork for the would-be mural wall.

My plan:


I decided to use 1×3 pine to build a frame slightly smaller than the curtain. That way I could stretch it over the frame for a neat wrap-around look. The curtain was pretty shear, so I knew if I didn’t have a lining the wood would show through. A relatively cheap canvas painting drop cloth would suffice for the base.

What You Need

Shower Curtain Art materials

  • wood
  • wood glue
  • staples
  • staple gun
  • canvas drop cloth
  • scissors
  • an iron
  • a shower curtain

What to Do

Step 1: Cut the wood according to the plan and lay them out. Lay something out underneath your work space to protect it from messy glue.

Shower Curtain Art 011

Step 2: Add a bit of wood glue on the joints and press.

Shower Curtain Art 019

Step 3: Straddle the stapler across the joint and add two or three staples. Glue then staple each joint.

Shower Curtain Art 022

Step 4: Flip and do the other side.

Shower Curtain Art 027

Step 5: Lay the canvas drop-cloth under the frame and cut to size, leaving about 6 inches of overlap.

Shower Curtain Art 034Step 6: Start on a long side, pull the canvas up and over the frame, keeping in taught, and staple every 8 inches or so. Pull the canvas tight and staple the opposite side.

Shower Curtain Art 046Step 7: Fold over the top, neatly tucking in the corner like you are warping a present or making a bed.

Shower Curtain Art 052Step 8: And staple! Do each corner, then a couple along the top and bottom, make sure the canvas is nicely stretched out.

Shower Curtain Art 053

Here is the base for our artwork:

Shower Curtain Art 054

Step 9: Iron your shower curtain to get the fold creases out of the fabric. This was the least fun part of the project. I hate ironing.

Shower Curtain Art 044

Step 10: Repeat Steps 5 through 8 with the curtain; cut-stretch staple. /p>

Shower Curtain Art 056

And here it is:

diy shower curtain

Not exactly the statement a whole wall mural would have made, but still a bold piece that adds drama to the room. There are so many cute shower curtains out their that could make great ‘art’. And at about $40 all in, it’s a trick that can fit  into anybody’s budget.


What do you think?

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