DIY Entryway Table

When thinking about renovating our front entryway, I thought it would be nice to have a console table, a handy spot to place mail and keys and what not.But we couldn’t find anything that fit the space and didn’t cost a fortune. I had seen a few black-pipe table DIYs on Pintrest and decided to give it a go.

First I needed a plan. I spent some time on getting familiar with the black pipe parts available. It’s a little like Lego; you have different pieces that you get to put together in a million different ways. There are elbow joints, caps, flanges,  t-connections, and various sized straight pipes (hilariously called nipples) that all screw together. One thing to consider is the width of your pipes, make sure every piece you get is the same. I went with 3/4 inch.

I drew out a few variations on leg designs and ended up with this:
black pipe plansSo not cheap! but still way under the other console tables we were looking at for hundreds of dollars. We also bought some wood screws and a can of good-old black spray paint. Here are all the parts, on newspapers because they are greasy.
Entryway and DIY Stuff 107
I assembled the table legs according to my plans, and then cleaned them, my hands got diiiiirty!
Entryway and DIY Stuff 008
Entryway and DIY Stuff 115To give the legs a more consistent overall colour, I gave them a light coat of spray paint. It didn’t take much.
Entryway and DIY Stuff 011
Once dry, it was time to attach the legs to an old wood beam I salvaged from the cottage this summer. This used to be a part of the old dock is well over 50 years old. We positioned the legs  carefully on the wood and marked the screw holes. We didn’t want to take any chances with the wood splitting, so Liam pre-drilled the holes.
Entryway and DIY Stuff 015Then he screwed them in for reals.

Entryway and DIY Stuff 029

And here it is all done!

Entryway and DIY Stuff 033

I considered sanding and oiling the wood, but decided against it. The roughness suits the space.

Entryway After 062


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