Cute n’ Shy {Foster Kittens}

Yesterday we said goodbye to our latest batch of foster kittens; Molly and Victoria.

Molly & Victoria

These little beauties came to us severely under-socialized. Wherever they spent the first 6 weeks of their life, there were absolutely no people around. They ran from us, hissed at us, and scratched us when we picked them up. They didn’t want to play or cuddle with us, and if we were too close to their food they wouldn’t eat.

After a month and a half in our home, and working with them everyday … they still run from us. But only 70% of the time! No more hissing or scratching, they cuddle and purr if we are patient enough, they love to play with toys, and will eat right from our lap.

Molly – Shelter No. 163671

Molly 1 . 163671 Molly 2 . 163671

Victoria – Shelter No. 163670Victoria 2 . 163670 Victoria 1 .163670Molly and Victoria are recovering from their spay surgeries, and will be available for adoption from the Ottawa Humane Society shortly.  They each need a forever home filled with people who are patient and loving and will never give up on their social issues. Maybe a little more effort than the average kitten, but I promise the love they give to you in return is SO worth it. They are already missed in our home.


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