Saving Green {Painting the Kitchen Backsplash}

As the Entryway Reno drags on and consumes my time, I thought I’d share a small kitchen reno I did last summer. My kitchen is old. It was given a “facelift” before we bought it (ie. new hardware and door-fronts) but the cupboards are small and warped, the counter top is worn thin and sagging around the sink, and the appliances are probably older than I am. So it needs to be re-done, we know that. We also know that kitchen renovations are expensive, so as long as it remains functional we will probably just have to live with it. What I couldn’t live with though was how green it was. 20131107-211207.jpg 20131107-211223.jpgGreen back-splash, green counters, green floor, even green in the light fixture! So I changed what I could; I painted the tile back splash. It was intimidating, tile doesn’t seem like a paintable surface, but I was assured by a friend it would work, and I figured it couldn’t look much worse. First I cleaned the tile and grout really well, scuffed it up a bit by sanding, taped all the edges and protected the counter tops, and finally threw on a white latex paint. Kitchen Prep After 1 coat it was already looking better. 20131107-211330.jpg I think I ended up doing 3 coats over two days. A pretty easy weekend project with a great result (… well better anyway). 20131107-211403.jpg But I didn’t stop there, there was still too much green in that light. So I painted it too. 20131107-211345.jpgI removed the plastic shade and covered every part that wasn’t green, font AND back. The back side I spray-painted black, so that no green light could filter through. The front side I spray-painted silver. Light PrepNot my favourite light fixture in the world, actually it’s hideous, but less so.

kitchen backsplash after 004

This kitchen is still in need of an overhaul, we have big plans for it somewhere down the line, but for now at least the loud busy backslash is subdued. A little less green in the kitchen and a little more green in our pockets … for now.

kitchen corner b4after

kitchen left b4after

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