Sausages {Part 1}

My grandma makes sausages in her basement. She does this once every two years and last weekend we helped her.

Day 1

We ordered 3 legs of pork from the butcher and 2 shoulders, so 5 pieces, they came with the bone and skin removed.
Sausages 003

We also ordered .. um, one gut, of tripe. It came cleaned out and packed in salt. We cut it to about 2 foot lengths.

Sausages 019

Then we had to rinse off the salt. To do this you have to open up the tripe and fill it with water with the faucet. Its kinda like filling up a water balloon. Do it several times to remove all the salt and then place into a bowl.


Once the tripe lengths are clean, place them in a bowl and sprinkle in lemon and orange slices. Keep them in the fridge over night.

Sausages 054

In the mean time, cut up ALL the pork. You should have helpers and sharp knives.  Remove large chunks of fat, but don’t remove all the fat or you sausages will be too dry. Cut your pork into about 1 inch pieces.

Sausages 042Once you have all your cubed meat in a bucket, it’s time to marinate! You need salt, pepper, about 7 heads of garlic (minced), some red wine, paprika, and a big batch of your grandmothers pimento sauce. You could also use store-bought … I guess.

Sausages 076

Mix in all the seasoning to coat, then punch and squeeze so that the flavours really stick.

Sausages 084

Sausages 100

Marinate overnight in the fridge or cold-room or garage.

Day 2

The next day it is time to fill your sausages. You first have to tie off one end of the tripe tube with kitchen string. It is very important you get this nice and tight or your sausages will spill out. I didn’t get many pictures of this step as my hands were needed for tying, so I drew you a picture. Just FYI I suck at drawing.

tripe tube

Cut pieces of string about 6 inches long. Tie a tight knot around one end of the tube. Do it again. Then fold back the tied-off end opening back over the knot and tie again, making sure the string goes back and around. Do it again.

Tip: consider wearing latex gloves or have some band-aids around. The repetitive strip tying can cut into string pretty quick. Use a band-aid on an aggravated area before the string breaks skin. 

Sausages 107

Now get out your sausage fill machine and hook it to the edge of the table. Gather the open end of your trip over the nozzle, like you are putting on pantyhose and NOT like my parents are doing in the pictures .. we aren’t sure what they are doing.

Sausages 110

Once the tripe is gathered all the way up to the tied end, fill the funnel with meat and crank away. Have some one on the other end guiding the filled sausage off the nozzle as it becomes fill. You want to avoid too much pressure on the tripe which could cause a burst.

Leave 3-4 inches of empty tripe at the end for tying off.

To Be Continued


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