Fall Foster Kittens

For the last two and a half months, we have been a foster family to a teenage mum and her babies. As volunteers for the Ottawa Humane Society, we took into our home a very thin young cat and her litter of two-week old tiny mouths to feed.

It was a tough road. They all got sick several times, there were many trips back and forth to the OHS vet, and there was a mess to clean up every. single.day.  But we made it. The kittens learned to open their eyes, walk, run, play, fight, ant eat solid food right before our eyes. They got used to getting their bums bathed and taking medicine but we also taught them about pets and purrs and cuddles and kiss attacks. They grew and grew and even mum put on weight. Pretty soon we had a very healthy brewed of 6 cats on our hands (wait 8, with our 2 boys, yikes!) and it was time for them to go back to the OHS to find their forever-homes.

Without further ado , I would like to introduce you to our latest batch of foster cats:


Tiffany 3 - 159317

Having babies at 11 months old means Tiffany entered motherhood while still a kitten herself. She rose to the challenge and took very good care of her little ones, even through all their bouts of cat-colds and parasites. Once the babies were a little older and she no longer had to be a 24/7 milk machine, we saw Tiffany’s personality come out. She is the most affectionate female cat we have ever met! She loves to snuggle and be held, nothing gives her greater pleasure than to stretch out on the couch with you and take a good long sunshine cat-nap. She loves to run and play with toys, she is still very young after all, but she has a calm and gentle nature. Tiffany was very respectful of the dominance our two male cats hold in the house and got along with Dexter and Marcel perfectly. She isn’t big on scratching our climbing, but as someone who at one time must have been very hungry, she will try to nab scraps from the kitchen sink. I’m sure she can be cured of this bad habit with a few more months of having a access to a food bowl. Otherwise she is a wonderfully neat and tidy cat who deserves a life-time of comfort and love in her forever home.

Tiffany 1 - 159317Cassi
Cassi 1 - 159322

Cassi is the littlest one. The one we would worry most about  when they were sick. The last one to get access to mom’s milk or the food dish. The one who watches the play-fights instead of joining in. But this quiet patient little girl is an absolute sweetheart. She loves to play with toys and hanging out with you. She may be a little left-behind by her bigger brothers and sisters, but she always manages to catch up. Cassi was a favourite of our two adult cats, and enjoyed many a happy grooming from them. Plus, look at that beautiful face!

Cassi 3 - 159322

Daniel Daniel 2 - 159318


Daniel is the cuddler. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing, if Daniel feels like a cuddle, he will find a nook in your elbow or knee and make himself comfortable. You will get lots of purrs and kitten-kisses out of this little man. When he isn’t cuddling away, he is full or running, climbing, jumping kitten-energy. He is very social and always wants to be in the room you are in’ regardless if he is playing or sleeping.

Daniel 3 - 139318

Jack Jack 2 - 159321

Jack is the leader of the litter. He was first to open his eyes, walk, play with toys, climb on a bed, and be happy being picked up. As he grew, Jack continued to lead the group. He is always first to explore a new room, person, toy, or thing, and is happy doing so on his own. He’s an independent little guy who gets along with everyone (is still a huge cuddly baby) but wouldn’t mind being on his own either. He is confident and self assured and will grow up to be a very intelligent well-adjusted cat.

Jack 1 - 159321Teal’c

Teal'c 3 - 159320

Teal’c is hilarious. He is a good nurtured guy who is always doing something funny or showing up somewhere ridiculous. He has a very expressive face absolutely loves getting picked up and held. He is a little joker and loves to sneak-attack his siblings. Another favourite game is ‘chase me tail”. He is really a joy to watch and be around. Teal’c’s liveliness will be missed.

Teal'c 1 - 159320



Samantha 1 - 159319

Sam is a great little kitten. She is fun and full of crazy kitten-energy. She can keep up with her bigger brothers and give them a run for their money in play-fights.  She is a neat little girl at her dish and at the litter box … toys though, she leaves everywhere! Sam has a knack for finding the best bit of sunbeam to take a nap in and loves to sleep close to her siblings. She loves always having someone around to play with, and doesn’t seem to be happy being by herself. She doesn’t want to miss the action!

Samantha 2 - 159319


So there they are , all 6 of them. It was hard letting them go, it always is, but these guys were with us for a long time. Even with all the vet trips, medicine, scratches, and litter-training that goes into fostering, really the hardest part of this type of volunteering is giving them back; trusting they will find good homes.

Everyone has recovered well from surgery and most of them have already been adopted! There are many more cats and kittens in need of forever-homes at the Ottawa Humane Society. If you think it is time to bring an animal into your home, please don’t support puppy/kitten-mills, visit the OHS



2 thoughts on “Fall Foster Kittens

  1. Yay! So? Would you foster a nursing cat again? It’s much nicer when the mother is older and able to clean her kittens. 😉 You’re right about sending them back though, it is always the hardest part. Are there still kitten mills? I feel like it would be worthwhile to make a list of all the pet stores that only get kittens from the OHS so people could know what names to trust. Maybe that already exists?

    1. I don’t want to say ‘no’ but for sure not for a long long time. lol, it was really rewarding but so much work! I’m pretty sure the stores that take OHS cats call it “adoption”, might be a good indicator?

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