Destination Wedding Colour Palette

wedding colours The above are my wedding colours; gold, indigo, and ivory. These colours will direct everything from the invitations to the the wedding favours, with all the gowns, flowers, jewelry, and cake tastings that come between.

The color choice was inspired by our destination. Liam and I are getting married in Lisbon Portugal!

Lisbon Wedding
Veil / Tables / Venue / Cake / Tile /Coral / Runner / Pastries / Glass Box / Jewelry / Shoes / Flowers / Cork Card / Tile Favour / Mother-of-the-Bride Gown

I am Portuguese. My mother’s family is from the Lisbon surrounds, and my dad was born on the island of São Miguel in the Azores.

But choosing to travel so far for our wedding goes far beyond that. When Liam and I took our first trip to Europe together in 2010, Lisbon blew us both away. The moment we stepped off the plane we knew we were somewhere special. Simultaneously relaxed and exciting; soaked in history and dripping with ebullience. The people, the sun, the beach, the night life, the old buildings with fresh decor, the cobble stone streets smoothed to a shiny lustre by countless footsteps, the football, the music, the sea air, the red roofs, the red wine, the beer, and oh my god the food!

More than any other place we have visited, Lisbon is one to come back to. It is where we have been happiest, and therefore the best place in the world for us to get married.



6 thoughts on “Destination Wedding Colour Palette

  1. This is so great! I would love to married in Portugal! It’s my dream. We too fell in love with Portugal and it was the first big trip my boyfriend and I took together. Everything you’ve described is so on point. Portugal truly is a hidden gem. Thank you for posting all this lovely stuff, as it’s given me ideas! And hope that I too can get married in Portugal haha… If I may ask, how are you going about planning it being outside of Portugal (I am assuming you are)? Are you using planners over there to help you? And have you chosen a venue in Portugal yet? I’d love to know!

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