Entryway Renovation Plans

After our mostly successful Powder Room Renovations, the fiancé and I are ready to start our next project: the Entryway.

back of the front door

Right now our entryway is ugly. It’s the same beige-peach colour as the rest of the house. I vastly prefer cool colours over warm ones, so that will get changed. We also want to update the baseboards and continue practicing with crown molding. The catalyst of this reno though, was a mistake we made when we painted the outside door red. It bled through to the other side!  Oops.

door closeup

Needless to say we will be painting the inside of the door. We will also be painting this french door. Whoever painted it last did a sloppy job, as you may be able to tell on the close up of the glass … if you aren’t distracted by Tiffany the cat.

french door knob

I love this light fixture I got at a flea market for $3, but it doesn’t suit the space. It disappears against the white ceiling and hangs too high. The ceilings are about 8 feet in this room, and I’d like to make that feature more striking somehow. This tiny room will also serve as an experiment in popcorn removal. If taking down the out-dated popcorn ceiling goes well, we may consider doing the rest of the house … some day.    light 1 light and window

Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the worn-out tiles at the moment, but a fresh area rug would spiffy the floor right up. I also need to tidy up those guest slippers.


My Ikea Hack bench served us well in the townhouse we rented before we bought this place, but here it just looks puny. The calla lily picture is a generic print my mom almost threw away; I think I can get creative with it and do better. Updating the vent cover and old-school brass door-knobs and electrical plates will also go a long way in modernizing the room. It’s amazing what a big difference small things like that can make.

benchdoor view

To transform this space, I’m taking inspiration from the beautiful Autumn days we’ve been having. Ottawa has been treated to a warm, dry, and uncharacteristically long Fall this year. The skies are a bright blue, and the leaves are mostly a sunny yellow, with lots of green left and only a few hits of red so far. It’s gorgeous out and I want to capture this magical in-between season of short summer days.

fall palet

I’ve done a little bit of preliminary on-line shopping and came up with this:
entry way plan

The wrought-iron light from Home Depot should fill in the lofty head-room a bit better and give people something to notice in that high ceiling. I like the lantern shape and think it will help give the space an outdoorsy feel. I’d love to order a custom wall mural for the left-hand wall for a dramatic statment. Tall thin birch trees in black-and-white would certainly make the space feel huge turn it into an entryway you wont soon forget. The storage boxes from Ikea can neatly house guest-slippers and the blue rug should brighten the floor and bounce light back up. The barrel-stool is from The Bay and will positively pop against the feature wall. For the rest of the walls, I think I’ll keep the ceiling and trim white and pick a moody-cloudy-sky grey for the rest.

So that’s the plan! We want to just enjoy the season right now so we won’t be starting demolition until November.. But I like taking my time to really get an image in my head of what I want. It’s also helpful to just pick-up decor elements as I find them and let the creativity happen.


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