Apologies and BIG Annoucment

Please accept my apologies for the rare, late, and truncated pots of late.  I call technical difficulties. It is very hard to blog when your laptop is so infected with viruses that it takes 5 min to scroll down a page, and so old that the monitor is almost completely severed from the keyboard. I expect to get my new new-to-me one any day now and hope to pick up the pace a bit. Fill y’all in on what’s been going on this Fall. Truth is, it’s a pretty busy time of my life right now.

I wasn’t completely honest with you when I posted my Cape Cod Travel Diary, I left a pretty big detail out. I wanted to have time to make a formal announcement that really captured the excitement. It happened on Day 2, while we were on the sailboat in Provincetown …



Look, even have a ring to prove it:

Cape Cod 2013 079

Liam proposed to me on August 5 2013, while we were vacationing in Cape Cod.

We were taking a sail-tour around Provincetown Bay in an old-fashioned schooner, the Bay Lady II. It was a beautiful bright and sunny day, the sails were full of a wind that was guiding us past beautiful dunes dotted with lovely little lighthouses. We went to sit at the bow for a better view and before I knew it Liam was on one knee, addressing me by my full name, holding a ring and asking me to marry him. I immediately started cry-laughing, blubbered out a “yes” and then we were standing and hugging and the other passengers were applauding.

immediately after proposing, I am 100% crying
immediately after proposing, I am 100% crying

So the bubby will soon be a full-fledged hubby. I am so freaking excited!!! After being together for seven years, buying a house, traveling a bit, adopting a cat. it is time for this next stage of our lives. A promise. A promise made out loud, in front of the people who love us and know us best. And then a party! A party all about love. All about a future of happiness.

I don’t want to say that this site will instantly become a wedding-blog, but considering that wedding is all I think, talk, and dream about lately, that very well may be.  Hopefully you will stick around for the ride.


What do you think?

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