Curb Appeal

This is going to be a fairly quick post considering the project took us the better part of two weekends. Here is the front of our house, and what I planed to do to it to give us a little more of that all-important Curb Appeal.

the planIt was a simple matter of painting the garage doors, the shutters, all the trim, and the front door. All the lights on the house also got taken down, cleaned, and painted with a fresh coat of black. The hedge on the right was annoying to mow around and was just blocking the view of the front garden, so it had to go. We wanted the lilac tree on the left to, you know, look like a tree, so we trimmed it back from its bush-shape. We got lucky with the stones, my grandmother was down-sizing her garden so these were free. We took our time installing them, trying to be level and fight the slope of the lawn. I think it all turned out great!

After closeThe mailbox and door accessories also got spray-painted black which really pops against the red. The paint colour on the door is Swedish berry Red from Dulux. I’m happy with how it dried, because going on, oh my that paint was a so pink! The bubby would not have approved.

door close

So subtle changes, but it adds up to a nicer approach up to the house. We aren’t ‘done’, that would be too easy! But for this season at least, be are putting away the rollers. Next year I’d like to get the driveway sealed and replace the siding. We shall see.

before and after door before and after



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