Powder Room Reveal

Well we finally did it. It’ s done. Over. Finished. Our powder room is complete! sink I spent a great deal of time selecting all the pieces and worrying if they would work well together. Even getting our hands on some of the items was a challenge. We had to drive to the USA to get the light fixture and waited months for two different faucets that never came.light and mirror

I do like the one we finally ended up getting. faucet Some items jumped out at me when I saw them and I knew they just had to be part of the room. Like this adorable octopus towel hook! towel Which I installed with antique hand-made iron nails. octo hook profile I’m pretty sure Liam contemplated murder when I insisted we move the shelves … twice. But I think we finally nailed their placement because they look awesome. Tutorial here.


shelves bottom up

The shelves are styled with a mix of old and new kinck-knacks.

soap matches


Mrs. Goat discretely holds bathroom essentials.

mrs goat

I had fun making this model of a soap molecule by spray-painting pieces of my old chemistry set. soapAnd I found these small frames and art pieces in the thrift shop.


The tissue box holder was probably the last thing to go into the room, I just couldn’t find anything I liked and most were WAY too expensive. So I went old with this vintage piece from Etsy.


Installing the floor was a nightmare but I absolutely love how the tiles look and feel. They set a swanky tone in the room that the wood and oil-rubbed bronze then tones down.


And lets not forget my ultra chic toilet brush!  brush

Oddly enough, I think the thing I am most proud of is the new door handle, because I installed it all by myself.

door handleThe bottom line: I love the new powder room. Its strong and elegant, modern and classic. This was Liam and my first ever renovation, it took a long time, was a lot of work, but we’re calling it a success. It’s not perfect, but a vast improvement none the less.

before and after sink

wall before and after

toilet before afterYes, a vast improvement!!




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