Cape Cod Day 6

Today we were up early to drive to Barnstable for a Whale Watching Tour. It looked like it was shaping up to be a pretty nice day when we shoved off.

Cape Cod 2013 068 Cape Cod 2013 088

Despite my face in this picture, we were having a great time as we headed up the coast towards Boston.IMG_0850And then a gale hit. Well it seemed like a gale to me. There was wind, rain, waves, darkness, and a lot of sea-spray. But I manage well in all weathers.

IMG_0899Even with this mess going on we got to see a few whales!! This lady in particular gave us a great show. Her name is Nile, because of the river-shaped marking on her tail.
IMG_0923 IMG_0953 IMG_0921


By the time the captain broadcasted “Sea conditions are rapidly deteriorating” we were all ready to say goodbye to Nile and take shelter inside the boat. A cup of hot  tea and a few card games later, we were back on dry land and heading to home to pack .

We leave tomorrow morning. It was a great trip. GREAT. Cape Cod exceed my expectations. What a perfect summer escape for a couple of Canadians, seeking sand, sun, and seafood.



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