Cape Cod Day 5

Today we made it to Nantucket! I only go the tiniest bit sea-sick on the 1 hour fast ferry, but met a nice gentlemen and his two gorgeous golden retrievers. Once I was the off the boat I was insanely hungry, so we dove into the old town and found lunch; delicious clam chowder.

Cape Cod 2013 280We wandered around a bit to get a feel for this old quirky village.

keep calm mail box figurehead

ship lemonade stone barn


Eventually we made it to Brant Point Light, which was first constructed in 1746. It’s had to be replaced / rebuilt nine times since the, but still, there was a lighthouse here 121 years before Canada was a country, so pretty cool!


On a whim we decided to hope on a shuttle to the Cisco Brewery for their tour. It was awesome! The moment we got there we realized this is where the party is!  There was music, dancing, balloon animals, kids, dogs, food, and oh yeah, um there were a few drinks. The tour consisted of the crowd pouring each other different beers out of growlers. The guide was great, obviously in love with his job, it was infectious.



Cisco is a triple-threat, consisting of a brewery, distillery, and vineyard. We tried their vodka and dark rum as well on the tour, and then sampled some wine … and more beer at the party afterward. By the end of the tour, this was me …

drinkSuffice it to say I had a great time. After enjoying the party for a bit we headed back to the village for dinner and all too soon it was time to catch the ferry home. Nantucket is an island I can see myself coming back to. For now though, I will have to console myself with this limerick;

There once was a girl on Nantuket
Who drank rum and beer by the bucket,
She had a great time
Bought a bottle of wine
And left saying she’d be back to Nantucket!


What do you think?

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