Cape Cod Day 4

Yesterday we had planed on going to Nantucket, but it didn’t work out. For a multitude of complex and interrelated reasons we missed the ferry that would take us the 30 miles off the Cape and onto the historic island. But it’s ok, we ended up having a great day anyway.

We hung out at our cottage, fired-up up the BBQ, drank a lot, and soaked up the Sun. After a good salt-rinsing / sobering shower, we dolled our selves up and headed to Mashpee for dinner at the Poppenesset Inn.

Driving up to this place was magical. White lights are strung up on the trees, everything is calm but there is lots of activity with happy groups of people walking and laughing all over the place. It was a little like driving into the Town of Spectre. The restaurant is almost right on the water, giving up a view of that other island off the coast; Martha’s Vineyard.

liam and i

Dinner was delicious. We ate everything seafood. In fact, I don’t think I’ve eaten much of anything that didn’t come out of the sea. I had the most amazing 1 and 1/2 lbs lobster, so fresh and juicy, Never in my life have I had lobster so fresh. I was a happy girl last night.

lobster and me


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