How To Disguise a Poinsettia for Summer

I am back from the long-weekend (which we made extra-long to work on the powder room), and instead of being fresh and well-rested, I am exhausted because even at 26 I haven’t yet learned that coffee at 9 o’clock isn’t a good idea. I really can’t resist anything with Kahlua in it.

No Menu this week as it is so short and we plan on surviving on frozen pizzas and focus on the bathroom renos. But I do have this quick project I want to share with you. I’m not sure if anyone else out there has this problem.

What is wrong with the picture? Keep in mind it is July.

before 2

How about this ridiculously Christmasy poinsettia that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Bubby bought me this poinsettia before Christmas and it just wont die! Poinsettias are beautiful around the holidays, but then they are supposed to wither and dry out, and you sadly take them to the compost bin with regrets of a jolly Holiday Season over, but looking forward to the coming Spring … and the fluffy purple hydrangea that will replace it. But not this poinsettia, sitting there in its big bold Christamsy pot. Oh no. This poinsettia just hangs in there, living on, sprouting NEW leaves, healthy as the day it was placed on the hearth.

xmas pointsetta

And I can’t bring myself to kill it. I’m not a plant-murderer .. and yes I know that I eat fruits and vegetables but that’s different! -somehow. I have to just keep watering it and trimming it like a good gardener and let things take their natural course. Who knows? Maybe by December it will go back to red and I will be in love with it all over again. For now though, it really bugs me. So here is how to disguise a Poinsettia for Summer.

What You Need:

  • Parchment paper
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Tape 


Step 1: With the scissors, trim off all the old red leaves. These are probably starting to dry-out anyway, and my plant has more than enough new green leaves to sustain itself. Lookin’ less Christmasy already!

snip off

Step 2: Roll out the parchment paper, centre the plant, and cut a piece big enough to cover. lay and cut

Step 3: Start to fold up the paper around the pot like you are wrapping >sigh< a Christmas present. Use small bits of tape to hold the paper loosely on the pot as you work, and make all the folds the same direction. wrap


Step 4: Once the paper is all folded up, use string to tie it tight. I went crazy/creative using two different strings and several criss-crossing passes for a rustic-look.   after 2

And there it is; no fluffy hydrangea, but at lest not the eye-sore that made me feel akin to the crazy lazy people who leave their lights up all year. afterUnder its disguise, the poinsettia assumes the role of an ordinary houseplant, its Christmasyness missed by the casual observer. And if it survives another 6 months, it can shed its cloak and resume the role of festive decoration. I’ll also admit that I’d be pretty proud of myself for keeping alive for a year.

before and after


What do you think?

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