The {Mostly Inherited} Garden Tour

I was lucky enough to purchase a house with a beautiful well-established garden in the front yard. The back is a bit of a mess, and I am almost 100% sure we are putting in a vegetable plot next spring, but for now it’s a little sparse. The few things I have planted though, have jumped up in the last week of ultra-heat, and I thought you might want to take a peek.

In the fall I planted a bunch of heirloom garlic. It’s fun, waiting all Winter, hoping that things are going well with them. Exciting in Spring, when they first peek out of the ground. Gratifying, watching them grow bigger day by day. Seemingly over night, the scapes popped up! Picking the scapes is good for the developing bud, but they are also highly edible with a mild, herby garlic taste. I’m not sure what I will do with my crop yet. Maybe pesto, maybe a vinegar infusion, or maybe just tossed in a salad.

scape 1

scape 2

Last summer I re-planted some mint I found growing wild near the back fence into a big pot I then buried in a garden bed. The mint has recently become giant. Mojito time!

These are mystery flowers. They are bulbs I planted in the fall, thinking they were something akin to a tulip or crocus. Obviously not. All spring and all summer than have slowly been getting taller and taller, and here we are, midsummer, and they are just starting to open. I have no clue what they will look like. Kind of exciting.

mystery plant

This is a rose-bush in the back that is absolutely lovely.


The two arrangements on my DIY Rain Barrels are doing well.  We found it essential to keep a flower basket on top of the barrels, as otherwise water collects on the top. Having still, open water around isn’t a good thing, but baskets of cascading colourful flowers are!red arrangment


The yellow daisies alongside the house just started opening up. I like how low-maintenance these are. They remind me of rock-gardens at the cottage.

yellow daisies single daisy

Moving along to the front of the house: have you ever seen hostas this big? Seriously, I think these are from the Jurassic period.

hostasI think this is a  clematis vine? It doesn’t seem to want to climb any higher in its trellis, but the flowers are certainly dramatic.

clematis flowers

Also there is this craziness. My rose-tree has absolutely exploded with beautiful pink roses. It almost takes my breath away every time I pull up our drive; I think it’s so pretty. All summer long it just blooms and blooms, looking impressive outside, and providing me with fresh flowers to fill vases and bowls inside.

rose tree

rose tree 2

And finally, a check-up on my Strawberry Basket. I have berries! A few little ruby-red gems, hiding out among the vines. They are precious and tasty. stawberry

strawberry 2Hope you enjoyed seeing my flowers. Have a great long-weekend fellow Canuks!


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