This Week’s Menu {June 24-30}

This is the week before Canada Day Long Weekend! And it will be a busy one. We are about 3 weeks behind on the bathroom reno and would like to catch up, I have Book Club and half the book left to read, one of my best friends is already 3 days past her due date, there is a sister-in-laws Baby Shower to attend, Liam will be working extra-long hours for corporate year-end, and let’s not forget that it’s stupid sticky hot!

We are pushing the feels-like-40s with the humidity; hair is universally frizzy and there is condensation on every window. Not the most helpful weather when you are trying to get things done, and certainly not the atmosphere that makes you want to spend time in the kitchen. Nevertheless we must eat, and eat we shall:


Monday – Dinner at Nando’s

Tuesday – Beef and Broccoli

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday  – Late dinner at McDonalds after visiting my friend and their new baby!

Friday – Munching at Book Club

Saturday –Munching at Baby Shower
(I’m bringing crock-pot meatballs)

Sunday – something at the cottage


Stay cool my friends.


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