A Tale of Two Tacos {Street Food Challenge Update}

Okay not really; one was a chimichanga but that’s close enough.

As part of my Ottawa Street Food Challenge I have so far visited two new food trucks. Progress is a little slower than I would have liked, but this is due to the fact that some of the trucks aren’t ready yet. On more than one occasion, I have turned up at an empty street corner, hungry and confused.

First up was Stone Soup Foodworks, which dishes out soups, tacos, and other street-treats from a bright green truck known as Sweet-Pea.


I found Sweat-Pea on the corner of Wellington and Spidina.  I love the location, partly because I can walk to it from my office in Tunney’s Pasture, but mostly because it is next to a mini-park with a fountain, a few trees, and benches. The perfect spot for a fun outdoor lunch. Also fun is Le Tippo Hippo.

tippo hippo I felt strange not ordering soup from a place with soup in the title, but I got over it and asked for two tacos; a chicken and a beef. The chicken was good. I noticed how soft the tortilla shell was, and how much more flavour and texture it had compared to typical store-bought ones. The ingredients were fresh and piled on, and the whole thing only slightly fell apart in my hands. Then I had the Korean beef. The Korean beef was amazing! The kimchi stole the show and I wanted to eat about a hundred more tacos. Except that I was full. Darn stomach capacity. tacoResisting the urge to return for more beef tacos, I headed over to Bonita’s Cantina for my own personal Mexican Fiesta.

logoLocated at City Centre, this truck was another quick commute for me. This time in the car, but still easy to find a plenty of parking. There were some picnic tables and lawn chairs huddled together under a nearby tree, and I’m sure on warmer days it would be pleasant to dine al fresco, however in the chilly rain I took my meal to go.

Here’s what the truck looks like from the street:

truckTacos were certainly on the menu, but chimichanga is just too fun to say. The side dish of chips and salsa came recommended by the friendly staff. In the short time it took me to get back to my desk my chimichanga had cooled considerably and I had lost most of my cheese to an indestructible crust on the dish and lid. The interior was still good; nice moist pieces of white chicken and tasty mushrooms. The tortilla itself was fried well but a little too tough to be tackled easily with plastic utensils. The chips and salsa were excellent, I felt like I was back in Mexico. That tiny container of salsa packed a lot of heat but was not nearly enough; I could have eaten a jar. The chips are still great on their own and I saved some for later because I was FULL. This was a very heavy, enjoyable, but to too-much-food lunch for me.   Next time tacos. Sorry chimichanga.


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