Cubical Makeover {Before}

I hate my office.

Okay I don’t actually hate my office. I like the building, I like its location, I like the big window and all the light, I like it’s proximity to the printer, and I love the people I work with.

My cubical is mishmash of cheap cast-off items, sloppily arranged and cluttering my desk. Here is all the stuff I hate about it:

desk overall desk guest chair desk file top desk coat nook desk table top desk screens desk phoneThe drawers and filing cabinets are even more of a hot-mess but I don’t have the heart to show them to you. I hate them. Feeling hatred first thing in the morning is not a healthy way to start a work day, so I’m making-over my cubical!

Mostly this will mean cleaning an organizing, but I’m hoping to freshen up the space and bring in a few design elements, as others have done:

This is my design:

office mood board
products are from Ikea, Bouclair, and Staples

I’ll use black, white, and navy as neutrals and green as an accent to tie in with the cubical walls and carpet. Fresh and clean; a little bit nautical and a little bit Lisbon. I’m also hoping for only a little bit of money.

NOTE: See the AFTER!


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