Say Hello to our Little Friends

Not much to blog about lately. We are busy in the Powder Room and progress is being made … slowly. I’m holding off on an update though, so that the ‘reveal’ will be special.  I may do a sneak-peak in a week or so, maybe.

Also taking up my time are some special house guests we have visiting. They want to say hello:


We have 3 beautiful foster kittens! This is Pam, Jim, and Erin (I watch The Office, can you tell?). They are all-black, 6 week old domestic short-hairs who need to put on weight before their spay/neuter surgeries. The fact that they are all-black is significant, apparently. The first foster parent who went to pick them up refused them because of superstitions! I couldn’t believe it. Foster volunteers are generally cat-crazy people, like me, who love everything with whiskers and claws. The fact that the love stops short at black-coloured fur is astonishing.

I’m trying not to be judgmental, I have personal relationships with people who share this superstition, and I respect them too much to respect this weird belief, but really? Who could look into those tiny faces and see an ill omen?

Jim is Mr. Social. He loves to play with his sisters and tries to engage with my cats, who are old grumps that just walk away. He makes everything a toy and seems capable of playing with twenty things at once.



Pam in the leader. She is the first one out to explore everything and isn’t afraid to jump or climb precariously to get somewhere new. We are constantly asking her “How did you get there?” but she keeps her secrets. This little girl is bold and beautiful.

pam fancy


Erin is smaller than her siblings and can’t always keep up with their antics. That’s okay though, she seems to like a quieter pace. She loves being around Liam and I and is the cuddler out of the group.

erin fancy

Whoever turned this trio down lost-out big time.  These guys have in no way caused us any misfortune, I shmuggle* them every day and nothing bad has happened; surprise surprise. They are well behaved, hilarious to watch, and are, most importantly, staying healthy.

*shmuggle: to cuddle something so close that they are gently smooshed and then showered with kisses and love. 


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