Powder Room Demolition


The Demolition Phase of our Powder Room renovation is complete (previous phases were Design and Procurement). Yours truly removed the toilet by herself and the bubby (boyfriend/hubby)’s muscles and ingenuity were required to remove the vanity.

There was a little surprise under the baseboards, a peek at the original (I hope) wallpaper.


Chipping out the floor tiles was a great stress reliever. This is how much I accomplished after about an hour of work.

girl power!

The bubby accomplished the rest in 15 minuets.


A scary part was removing the tiles that traversed the threshold. These extend out into the hallway, the floors of which are remaining the same. Luckily, a total of three of these tiles were left over (we found them in the basement) which should be enough to make a repair in the hallway… as long as we don’t screw up at all.

not attractive

We didn’t worry about the thin-set on the plywood underlayment, because it wasn’t tiled under the vanity, we knew that it would have to come up anyway. So far this has been the hardest part of the job. We took out as many screws as we could find and pried it all up with a crowbar.  The condition of the sub-floor was worrying, (there is some superficial water damage around the flange) but in the end it all looks pretty good.

we counted exactly 10257 screws
looks worse than it is

And that is the powder room completely deconstructed. Hopefully putting it back together again goes just as well!

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