A-Tisket, A-Tasket A-{Strawberry Basket}

So when we moved into this house a year ago, this little beauty was hanging in the basement. A three-tiered produce basket, dusty, rusty, missing a chain, held together with string, and covered in onion skins.

beforeSo I cleaned it up and decided a good spray paint was in order. I removed the chain/string and set the baskets upside-down on pop cans.

processWhich later had to be replaced with with taller empty spray paint cans so that they were fully extended. After the outsides were dry I flipped the baskets over so I could paint the rims. I knew by this point I wanted to use them as hanging planters so the insides didn’t matter.


The fun part was turning them into planters. I bought coconut husk basket liners, some potting soil, and strawberry plants!


For the smaller baskets the liner was too tall and had to be cut short.

cut down

Then all that was left was planting.


I re-connected the baskets with new chain that I purchased at Canadian Tire, and then I was ready to hang it outside my front door!


I hope there is enough sun in the front for these guys, and that they send out runners cascading into the lower baskets. It may be too much to hope that I will actually get real-live edible strawberries … but maybe?
front view side view

I love that I was able to breath new life into this found piece. What a difference!before and after



4 thoughts on “A-Tisket, A-Tasket A-{Strawberry Basket}

  1. Give them time – they will go crazy. Did you buy June or Everbearers? They grow a bit differently. BTW, if you want berries fastest, cut the runners. It focuses the energy on fruit instead. Strawberries are hard to kill – and very forgiving 🙂

      1. Yes! June bearers tend to give a big crop, all at once, where as Everbearers give small crops all summer. I can tell the J vs. EB’s in our garden by how many berries are on right now (We are near 200 plants…eek!). Either way, your hanging pot looks SOOOO nice! I am jealous 😀

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