Powder Room Procurement


Thought I’d give you an update on the Powder Room Reno. We are still amassing all the items we need. So far we have:

a toilet


the tile


the mirror


some towels


a few tchotchkes


a soap pump


new door handles

Door handel

a vent fan and electrical stuff


and many many paint chips

paint chips

So we are doing pretty well!

The sink will get picked up this week and the faucet has been ordered. Our light ended up being on back-order but should be arriving on Monday. We are going to the US this weekend and were hoping to pick it up at the border on our way back. If it is not there we will have to make a second trip. The people at Shades of Light have been amazing in trying to get it to us on time. I literally have an e-mail reading “If the paint dries in time it will ship today,” and it did. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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