The Case for Cats in Weddings

It is not even a surprising trend anymore; pets at weddings. People take their dog out for engagement photo shoots and have their puppy bear the rings down the aisle. I’ve even been in a wedding with chiuaua flower girls.

My friend Julie and her dogs Mercedes and (half of) Mini

And I love it! As pets become more and more part of our lives, it is natural for us to want to include them in one of our most special days. But here is the thing; I have cats. Cats are not going dawn a flower collar and adorably deliver rings on a pillow, nor will they sit quietly by during the exchange of the vows.

this does not happen

Cats hate the car, hate change, and hate being anywhere that isn’t their territory. Even if you did have the patience, preservation, and energy to train your cat to do those things, you would be going against his nature and it would not be representative of your relationship with him.

There is a way to include your fuzz-ball in the Big Day, and that is at home … or, by a stretch that only includes travel-accustomed cats, maybe in the hotel room that you will be getting ready in.

How To Include The Cat in Your Wedding
Cats will pick up on the energy in the house, they will sense the festive atmosphere and react accordingly.  Hopefully everything is going smoothly and everyone’s stress level is at a minimum. The little guys will be naturally curious about all the wedding paraphernalia and will have to investigate. Your instinct might be to isolate them in safe place, and with people coming in and out, high heels, and fun camera wires laying around, that may be a good idea. But in the quiet moments of your final prep, waiting for the car, or when you are taking pictures for the ‘getting ready’  part of the day, let in the cats andd ask your photographer to capture them interacting with some key items of the wedding. Introduce them to ribbons on a program, your shoes,  or if you are very brave … the rings!

photo cred: Carol + Ben Photography

Your cat will also likely be very interested in you on the wedding day. Your hair is going to smell like a salon, you might have a cool veil to hide under, you will be holding a fun looking bunch of flowers, not to mention wearing a beautiful white dress that would look better with a little fur all over it. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, pause and have  moment with your cat. Let him know that its still you, this is a positive experience, you still love him and like having him around. This will also likely calm you down and put things in perspective. Today in not about hair or harpists, today is about love. Today you are  creating a family, and your cat is already a member.

If the photographer can capture those emotions, you will have a treasured memory forever.

MomentsAs fun as candid shots are, formal photos are a wedding requirement. Go for broke and demand a formal shot with your cat. Pick him up and cuddle him, shamelessly stare boldly into the camera. Grab the groom and do a fun family shot with the first thing you ever loved and nurtured together as a couple. If there are a few snickers and whispers from certain not-so-awesome wedding guests; own it. You are the crazy cat couple and this is your day!




2 thoughts on “The Case for Cats in Weddings

  1. I think I am wishing I could debunk into a travelodge next year when I marry in Scotland so my my 2 kitties can be with me getting abit emotional looking at these gorgeous pictures! 😻😻

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