The Ugly Clockling

Clock BeforeI gave my mother so much cr@p about this clock. She has had this clock up in her dinning-room for my entire life and I always told her it was ugly.

It’s gaudy and too big and old-fashioned! It’s not eve real, it’s  made of plastic. And who lights a candle on the wall anyway?

And now I don’t know if gaudy and old-fashioned is ‘in’ or that I am just old enough to appreciate it, but when she finally replaced it with a more modern clock I practically begged her for the old one.

Look at the beautiful detail! The fact that its made of resin is great because it’s light. The chains and candle sconces are so elegant.

Irony aside, the clock still needed  updating … also known as spray painting. Honestly, spray paint is the duct tape of the DIY world, it makes everything better. So I taped up the clock’s face, got out two cans of mat white Rust-Oleum and went to town!


Isn’t she beautiful? Crisp, lofty, and sophisticated, residing over my dining table in a room in desperate need of something on the walls.  After

I also bought some delicious smelling bees-wax candles. They are a little too similar in colour to the wall but we may be painting these walls this summer (fingers crossed).  after 2

Also, Dexter wants to say hi.  dexter after

PS:  Sorry for all the hard times I gave you, but you can’t have your clock back mom!


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