Come, Thou Tortoise Food

I started a book club. That’s who I am now. I used to put in hair extensions, go to raves and dance 12 hours straight on nothing but Red Bull and “the energy of the music”. But now I host a group of 10 women once a month to discuss a book and sip wine. Growing up is weird.

We had our first meeting recently and it was a lot of fun … even without glow-sticks. The conversation was lively and engaging and I got to meet some nice new people. The book we featured is Come, Thou Tortoise by Canadian Author Jessica Grant, and all the food served at the meeting was inspired by the book.

If you haven’t read  CTT, then this post will make absolutely no sense to you. Go away and come back once you’ve read it. Its good I promise.

If you have read it, then I hope you get a kick out of these snacks!

Uncle Thoby’s Orange in a Castle

q orange

What you need:

  • Oranges
  • A knife

Roll each orange firmly on the counter or between your hands. This will loosen the orange from the peel. Go firmly but don’t make your orange too mushy.  Cut the orange in half from shoot to root NOT in a cross-section … even though that’s how its done in the diagram provided by Grant in the book, it just doesn’t work that way. Liberate the fruit from the peel, and separate each section. Using a sharp paring knife, make the ramparts by removing little squares. Place the orange slices in the castle peel, standing end-to-end for the turrets.

Orange in a Castle

Audrey’s Piety Pie

q pir

What you need:

  • Pre-made mini tart shells
  • Pie filling (I decided on blueberry, not lemon [Oddly’s  favourite]  because that is the kind Bryne Doyle brings her.)
  • A rolling-pin

Defrost the tart shells as per package directions. Pre-heat oven to 375. Setting aside one or two shells, add a small amount of filling to each tart. Don’t over-fill or they will get messy in the oven. Remove the pastry from the reserved tarts, mash together and roll out. From this you can make cut-outs and various top crusts. My favourite was the polka dots using a drinking straw. Bake for about 20 minuets.

Piety Pie

Winifred’s Kelp Salad

q kelp

A visit to your friendly neighborhood sushi restaurant gives you access to delicious seaweed salad (Wakame Salad). Wakame is a kind of kelp and, contrary to what Chuck thinks, is in fact eatable. I served the salad in won-ton cups I made by baking won-ton wrappers in the oven until they went crispy.

Kelp Salad in Won-ton Cup

Wedge’s Licorice Allsortsq allsort

And here’s this.

All Sorts

Flying safely above the table were Qantas paper planes.


Who knew a book of fiction could inspire so much food! It also inspired a lot of fun conversation and what turned out to be a great Friday evening. I’m looking forward to next months meeting, the only worry is that the next book won’t mention food :Otable


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