Valentine’s Days: Past and Present

Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago, did you have a good time? The bubby and I have always tried to make V-day special. Probably because our anniversary is December 31st, so we never get to celebrate us on New Years Eve.

Typically we go out to eat at a nice restaurant, exchange flowers and candy, and try to write a card that will make the other cry. Liam always wins. But since he is in crutches right now, we had to come up with some low-key way to celebrate at home.

I picked up a take-home meal from one of our favourite casual restaurant/caterers, Todric’s. It was easy to heat things up and plate using the chef’s instructions, and I didn’t have to spend too much of my evening in the kitchen.

Everything was delicious.


For an after dinner activity, we decide to go through the shoe box where we toss all our little relationship keepsakes.  We have been together over 6 years and have amassed quite a collection of  love notes and old ticket stubs!

We also wanted to give these memories a nicer place to live than a shoe box, so we re-housed them in a vintage hat box.


It was so much fun to go through! We were 19 and 20 when we met, and the expressions of young love were exactly what you’d think; exploitative, intense, and very random. There were doodles, notes, and poems, a surprising amount of event tickets, and a sundry collection of small things Liam had given me. Apparently we had found a heart-shaped red Smartie and thought to keep it. Hilarious.

Best of all were the cards and their inscriptions. Mine are comically identical year after year, some of them we could not at all remember writing and sound nothing like us, but all expressed a love that hasn’t changed.  I was crying like a baby by the time we got to the bottom of the box, and I’m lucky bubby never reads this, because I’m telling you that he was a little moist-eyed too! It was very sweet and romantic.

The thingsI love the way our memory box looks now. We grouped like paper items together and tied them up in bows. We added craft paper tags to all the random odds n’ ends so that we never forget the meaning behind them. We even sorted the cards in chronological order so that when we read them again it will be like going back in time.

before after

Our new memory-box is stuffed full, so we will have to start on another one to go through on some future Valentine’s Day.


What do you think?

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