Familiar Paths {Cappadocia Day 3}

So after speeding through on our ATVs and soaring above in a Hot Air Balloon, we thought it was about time we see Cappadocia on foot at a nice leisurely pace.

We booked a hiking tour that visited now familiar places; Rose Valley, Pasabag, and Uchisar. Our tour guide was the sweetest thing, she knew all about the history of the land and its peoples, loved answering our questions, and had an absolute passion for her culture. We learned a lot and took many more photos.

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10Our tour also included a visit to Kaymakli Underground City. The troglodyte cave-cities of Cappadocia were excavated in the Hittite times, and expanded over the centuries as various marauding armies traversed Central Anatolia in search of captives and plunder. There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and Kaymakli is the widest.

The city has low, narrow and sloping passages that go down 8 floors below earth, however only to top 4 are open to the public. We saw the stables, storage rooms, kitchens, church, and wine-making/grape-squishing room, which are all orientated around a  ventilation shaft that keeps everything fresh and breezy. A good thing too, because otherwise you would feel like you were being buried alive! It is very dark and narrow down there, we were literally crawling in tunnels from room to room. It’s amazing that people lives here for as long as they did, using the caves as a hiding place where life could go on. Lights were always carried with a person, so that an intruder wouldn’t be able to follow a light lit path, and gigantic heavy stone doors were carved that could only be rolled away from the inside.

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